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Office 2004 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual

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ISBN: 0596008201
Author: Mark Holt Walker Franklin Tessler Paul Berkowitz
Publisher: Pogue Press
Publication Date: 2005-02-09

Microsoft Office is the number-one selling software for the Mac; the Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Entourage applications are more dominant in the Mac world than they are among PC users. And Microsoft has greatly improved and enhanced Office 2004 to take advantage of the latest Mac OX features. In short, Microsoft Office for the Mac is wildly popular and better than ever. But as incredible and powerful it is, the Office 2004 suite comes without a single page of printed instructions. That means you're left to forge your own path through its countless innovative and useful new features and tools--until now.

Office 2004 for Mac: The Missing Manual is the manual that should have been in the box. It's the map that clearly and easily guides both beginners and veterans through this new suite. Mark H. Walker, Franklin Tessler, and Paul Berkowitz deliver all the practical information you need to master the basics and make the most of all four Office 2004 programs--Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Entourage. It's four books in one! According to Microsoft's own research, the average Office user taps into less than fifteen percent of the suite's features. With first-rate writing, a handcrafted index, and the trademark humor and clarity of every Missing Manual, Office 2004 for Mac: The Missing Manual will change that. Because this isn't an authorized book, Walker, Tessler, and Berkowitz candidly point out which features are gems in the rough worthy of your focused attention--and which are junkware that you best continue to overlook. Whether you're an Office beginner eager to master one or all of the applications in the suite or a longtime Office user looking for detailed coverage of what's new (and what's removed) in Office 2004 and hoping to implement power-user techniques for better and more efficient work, this funny and friendly, comprehensive guide will prove indispensable




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